Enter the realm of the Quinton Van Der Burgh (QVDB) Foundation, a realm that embodies vision, compassion, and an unwavering pursuit of transforming lives… for life! Founded and completely self-funded by the visionary Quinton Van Der Burgh, also the esteemed founder and President of Generosity Water RSA, the QVDB Foundation stands tall, as a beacon of hope, reaching out to all those in need with a helping hand of kindness and compassion.

With Generosity Water, Quinton Van Der Burgh embarks on a profound philanthropic odyssey, crafting a legacy that spans continents. One transformative initiative at a time, the foundation sets out to quench the thirst of communities in need, laying the foundation for a brighter future through water wells that sprout hope in the most desolate corners of the world.

From Southern Africa to Haiti, Ghana to Uganda, Oman to Peru to USA, Generosity Water has left an indelible mark. We were proud to bring this need back Africa where we focused our first 13 wells on schools with no water or sanitation. This year, we are running an extensive program, prioritizing schools that require this life-changing assistance. To date, we are sitting at currently over 1050 wells globally with each well assisting over 2000 people. Each well, a symbol of life, providing safe, clean drinking water to communities and schools that once yearned for a glimmer of hope. Today, their thirst is quenched, their spirits uplifted, as they exercise their basic human right to water.

Over 415,000 fellow South Africans and 2 000 000 global members of these communities have felt the profound impact of Generosity Water’s inspiring dedication. In every drop of water, a testament to the transformative power of compassion and a reminder that the journey towards change has just begun.

Driven by compassion and dedication, the QVDB Foundation’s commitment to making a lasting impact is boundless. It envisions a world where access to safe water is not a luxury but a fundamental right bestowed upon every soul. With every well dug, with every community served, the Foundation sparks a chain reaction of hope that reverberates across generations.

The QVDB Foundation’s journey is an epic tale of compassion and determination, as it strives to create a legacy etched in the annals of human history. The foundation’s commitment is a beacon of light, illuminating a path towards a brighter, more equitable world.

Through water wells and acts of philanthropy, the QVDB Foundation and Generosity water unleashes a force beyond imagination, one that transcends borders and unites humanity under the banner of compassion.

Quoted fervently, “I’m not content with merely changing someone’s life for a fleeting moment; I aspire to change their lives for life!” Quinton Van Der Burgh’s benevolence has transcended far beyond water wells, to include the awe-inspiring #paymybills initiative. An empowering endeavour designed to encourage fellow South Africans to share their stories, this initiative promises unwavering financial support & guidance to those in debt, regardless of the nature of their hardships. Since the first #paymybills initiative in 2018 and 40 rounds taken place, over 100 families in need have been embraced by this life-changing initiative and aims to continue to touch countless lives, year after year. From liberating families from suffocating financial burdens, to funding vital medical procedures and supporting educational pursuits, the QVDB foundation has restored the dignity and standing of selected candidates in society, ensuring they regain their footing on a path of empowerment.

In 2017, the world witnessed a profound alliance between Quinton Van Der Burgh and celebrity photographer and humanitarian, John Russo, leading to the “100 Making A Difference” (100MAD) project. A culmination of years of dedication, this coffee table book is a tribute to the altruism of philanthropists, activists, and socially conscious celebrities and their charities worldwide. Among its pages, one finds luminaries like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Opera Winfrey embodying the collective responsibility of humanity to support one another. https://100makingadifference.com/

The QVDB Foundation, fuelled by steadfast dedication to creating a world of boundless compassion, has breathed life into the “161 Acts of Generosity” initiative. With each act thoughtfully dedicated to one of the 161 philanthropic celebrities featured in the 100 Making A Difference (100MAD) book, this transformative endeavour stands as a profound expression of gratitude for their remarkable commitment to making a profound impact on the world. Launched in May 2023, this initiative has already touched the lives of over 1,000 adults in need, providing them with crucial support and hope for a brighter future. Additionally, 550 animals in shelters have found solace and care, over 780 mentally and physically disabled individuals have received essential aid and empowerment, and 640 orphaned and abandoned children have been embraced with love and support. The outreach of the QVDB Foundation extends to orphanages, old age care centres, animal shelters, rehabilitation centres, ECDs, and wherever a plea for help emerges, exemplifying their commitment to be a beacon of hope wherever it is needed most.

Moreover, in an active program, the QVDB Foundation is providing three months’ worth of food at a time to over 2,500 families, ensuring that their basic needs are met and they find sustenance and nourishment during challenging times.

As the QVDB Foundation continues to weave its philanthropic tapestry, 140 acts of generosity still await fulfilment, each one destined to touch the lives of hundreds of thousands in Africa and beyond.

A journey of passion and dramatic impact, a vision of creating lasting change and empowering communities for a brighter, greener, and more compassionate future. Together, they transcend the boundaries of possibilities, inspiring a world where every act of kindness resonates with the echoes of transformation.


“I’m so happy today, I saw happiness in our community… People are very happy. Thanks to the Quinton Van Der BurghFoundation I felt how needy our people are out there, I’m proud of what we did today. I’m humbled with what I saw today. It made me feel the importance of what the Foundation is doing: Big up to Quinton Van Der Burgh Foundation.”

– Zwelabo Mxolisi Sikhosana