Quinton and his foundation believe that helping others is not only a responsibility but also a moral obligation. Join this movement and keep up with the QVDB Foundation by following @qvdbfoundation on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. We’re passionate about helping and we want to help you! Write into us to share your story. No matter how big or small your financial burden is, we want to know and in that, understand so that we can find a way to help you. Please read the Terms and Conditions, complete the form below and tell us your story.

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“This is a foundation that really cares, that is able to make dreams come true. I thought that building a roof that is going to give me a peaceful night sleep with my family was just a fantasy which I will never reach but QVDB Foundation made that dream a reality. I have never seen any organisation that is so caring like this one.”

David Motswagae

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“I am in absolute awe of Quinton Van Der Burgh’s generosity and the incredible and professional team he has established. It has been such an honour to be chosen as one of the recipients of the #PayMyBills Initiative. The assistance with the #PayMyBills Initiative will be an incredible resource to help me get where I need to be.”

Chelsea Hornby

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“Hello thank you so much for an incredible day on Wednesday. And obviously we are just blown away with your donation ❤️ Just wanted to say an extra thank you for arranging for us to fly out early. That was very kind of you to organise everything, I really needed to get back. Thank you”

Kim Brown – Co-founder and Director of Likhon iThemba , Holah baby house